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The reputation of Hummer dates back to the Persian Gulf War, where the Humvee was designed to help transport troops and cargo. The Humvee developed a reputation for being a rough and rugged vehicle that could handle all kinds of terrain. After the roll it played in the 1989 invasion, the company decided they would produce a vehicle for civilians. The Hummer was born. Hummers weighed over 10,000 pounds each, but despite this and their poor gas mileage, their style appealed to many. The company continued thriving through the 1990s. The company was eventually bought by GM, which helped the company distribute the H2 which was a smaller version of the iconic Hummer. Hummer was hit hard with a turn of the economy after the H3 was released, and they are no longer being produced for civilian use. It's important that if you do drive one, you use OEM parts and accessories made for your model. This way, your Hummer will continue to run efficiently. We have OEM Hummer parts and accessories here at Chevy Parts Now.