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Back in 1902, GMC originally was started as the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company that was founded by Max Grabowski. Some of the earliest commercial trucks in history were produced by GMC. GM Founder William Durant took interest in the company, and later bought Rapid Motor Vehicle Company in 1909. Two years later, The General Motors Truck Company (which was later renamed General Motors Corporation, or GMC) was established. In 1913, GMC had one of their biggest years ever as they were able to create a mass-produced truck. Throughout the years, the brand has refined their vehicles and have produced high-quality and long-lasting cars in their lineup. GMC has been known for manufacturing high-end trucks and SUVS, and they continue to do so. When you need new parts and accessories for your GMC model, make sure you're investing in parts that will match the level of quality of your vehicle. We carry OEM parts for your GMC here at Chevy Parts Now.