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Back in November of 1911, the Chevrolet Division of vehicles was founded under General Motors. Also known as the Chevy brand, they produced the Series 490 in 1916, which established their success as an automotive brand. They also built their first lightweight truck in 1916 that helped them further their reputation globally and change the automobile industry as a whole. Corvettes were soon unveiled in the 50s, which helped to put them on a map for an entirely different kind of car. Their legacy was established as far as variety and durability. The styles of the vehicles in the Chevy lineup have changed throughout the years, but the company has always focused on quality and reliability. We've seen everything from the Silverado to the Malibu, the Equinox to the Corvette, and beyond. You should always make sure that no matter what Chevy model you own, you're using OEM parts to make repairs and replacements on it. We sell a variety of genuine Chevy parts here at Chevy Parts Now.