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The history of Buick dates all the way back to 1900, when the first one was made. The company got an official start when they moved to Flint Michigan and produced some of the most popular vehicles starting in 1903. Buick made a name for itself by passing both Ford and Cadillac in numbers. By the 20s, Buick had made quite a name for itself as a company. Throughout the decades, the brand produced things like the Riviera to the Roadmaster that became iconic. In the 80's, the company condensed the size of their vehicles and gave facelifts to a lot of their designs. While Buicks have evolved throughout the years, their dependability and popularity has remained intact. It's important that when you shop for parts to make repairs on your Buick that you're using OEM components made for your make and model specifically. This way, they will last a long time and work well alongside other parts of your car. Find OEM Buick parts here at Chevy Parts Now.